"ZK", 2010
110 x 183 cm
Mixed media on MDF

My painting’s main purpose is to establish the best possible communication with the observer/participant, although all the artistic expression may be considered to have the same goal, at least partially.

My painting, compared with the conceptual art, is not founded on action as bearer of a meaning which common language assures. Such an action suffers the consequences of probable misunderstanding which comes from multitude of idiosyncratic interpretations and ideological points of view. I believe that besides the logic/semantic circle, there are deeper levels, “meta-languages” which contain the irrational and onirical substance of mind and allow a more immediate comprehension, free from verbal distortion.

The movement, its dynamics and its rhythm, the gesture as a result of a particular state and individual character, the colour – all forms bound to cross the barriers of rationality and to express the atmosphere which enlightens my work.
This is my sincere posture and its development depends on both exterior and interior conditions which appear on the path of every man.